(Percentage Allocation Management Module or Percentage Allocation Money Management)


What Is So Unique About The PAMM Accounts?

PAMM comes with a user interface for both Masters and Followers, making it simple to start, join or unjoin an investment pool.

What’s in it for a PAMM Master?

·         Uses the custom GUI to connect clients and analyze their positions.

·         Allocation by Equity allows for fair distribution of trades to clients.

·         Trade on over 60 instruments

·         Manages Margin per position or per-client basis.

·         Work with your personal account manager to ensure your clients receive a premium experience.

What’s in it for a PAMM Follower:

·         Passive potential income.

·         Opportunity to diversify investment.

·         Trading statements (as set by the PAMM Master)

·         The PAMM Follower may revoke at any given time.

·         Weekly, monthly or quarterly returns depending on PAMM Master offer.

How to Select a PAMM Master?

Watch out for:

·         Master Capital.

·         Active trading days.

·         Number of Followers

·         Offers

·         Risk Applicable


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